Visualization Of Landscape Art & Beauty

Softscape Installation

Start Your Landscaping Project with Expert Design and Consultation

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” Claude Monet

While many elements must come together in perfect harmony to create a garden that beautifully frames your outdoor living space, it is the thoughtful selection and natural interplay of trees, shrubs and groundcovers that ultimately imbues your outdoor room with its four season beauty. Trees, shrubs and groundcovers comprise the “softscaping” of your garden.

Planning & Executing Your Softscape

Gardenia Landscaping is expert at capturing the essence of what you would like to see and feel  in your outdoor living space. Following an in-depth consultation, we use this information to develop a comprehensive planting blueprint for your garden, complete with specific plant recommendations that combine in such a way as to capture the essence of the garden design and complement the style of your home. This service can be provided as a design-only service, or as a design/build service. Garden designer Mehran Shifteh provides:


  • Complete consulting services to ascertain your preferences and discuss ideas with regard to trees, plants and groundcovers.
  • Professional plant recommendations. We provide expert advice on plant stock that is aesthetically pleasing, consistent with the visual needs of the design and climate and/or site appropriate.
  • Eco-friendly choices. Recommendations on plantings take sustainability into account (e.g. drought resistance) as well as your garden’s relationship to the environment (e.g., bee and bird-friendly plantings).
  • Ease of care. We are able to provide recommendations on plantings that will meet your needs in terms of your desired level of garden care, whether you are an ardent gardener or want a low-maintenance space.
  • Container planting options. Small outdoor spaces can embrace nature by incorporating outdoor planters and other containers filled with container-friendly trees, shrubs and plants.
  • Four season interest. Our plant recommendations take into account the seasonal nature of trees, plants and groundcovers to ensure that there is something of interest to see in your garden year round.

Scope of Service

Gardenia Landscaping can provide you with a comprehensive hardscaping plan on a design-only or on a design/build basis. We also provide project management services for those clients who wish to hire outside contractors.

Request a Consultation

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