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Start Your Landscaping Project with Expert Design and Consultation

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” Claude Monet

Gardenia Landscaping provides you with complete landscape design services – from concept development to final blueprints to 3D virtual tour (optional). Master landscape designer Mehran Shifteh has more than 30 years of landscape design experience and is an award-winning expert at developing custom garden designs that capture his clients’ practical needs as well as their dreams for the design..

Client consultation

The garden design process begins with an in-depth interview to ascertain your lifestyle, as well as your goals and aspirations for your outdoor space and garden. Design considerations include your preferred garden style, your desired amenities (e.g., outdoor kitchen or fire pit), in-ground garden services (e.g., automated irrigation and lighting), acceptable maintenance levels and other information relevant to the final look you want to achieve in your garden. 

Regular client consultation takes place from the initial design meeting through to completion of the blueprints (for those clients who desire design-only service). Clients who want complete design/build services are consulted through to project completion.

Site evaluation

A comprehensive on-site evaluation of your property provides the necessary information to determine the footprint of your outdoor room and garden, the design possibilities for the site, the immediate climate and natural ecology of your property, any potential design challenges, and the potential for additional structures and amenities.


Designer Mehran Shifteh uses the information gathered from personal consultation and an on-site evaluation to develop a comprehensive plan that captures the essence of your desires for your outdoor room and garden. For those clients who do not have a specific vision, Gardenia Landscaping can provide professional advice on a design that will provide both an attractive and functional outdoor space to beautifully complement your home.

Blueprints – Once your goals for your outdoor room and garden have been determined, Mr. Shifteh produces a series of highly detailed blueprints to guide all aspects of the construction of the outdoor space and garden.

  • Hardscaping plans – The blueprint for the hardscaping includes the location of retaining walls, paving stones, outdoor lighting, water features, planting containers, in-ground irrigation, fences and special amenities, such as outdoor kitchens and firepits.
  • Softscaping plans – This blueprint shows the exact quantities and location of all trees, shrubs and groundcovers on the site, and includes a listing of the full botanical and common names for all plants for easy reference.


3D Virtual Tour – Gardenia Landscaping now offers its clients access to the optional service of a 3-D virtual tour of the proposed garden before work begins. The tour, made possible by Gardenia Landscaping’s state-of-the-art imaging software, allows you to  walk through the outdoor living area and garden and also see how this area relates to the home and adjoining areas.

Scope of Landscape Design Service

Gardenia Landscaping can provide you with a landscape design on a design-only or on a design/build basis.

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