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Rooftop or Balcony Gardens

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“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” Claude Monet

The architectural trend toward designing homes that incorporate a flat roof and condominiums that feature a large balcony has created the unique opportunity to develop these areas into exterior living spaces.

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A well-planned rooftop or balcony garden not only adds beauty and functionality to this available space it provides many other important benefits. These include:

Energy Efficiency – A rooftop garden can dramatically improve the insulation value of your roof, which reduces overall energy consumption.

  • Extends Roof Life – The robust nature of rooftop installations adds years to the normal lifespan of a roof.
  • Enhances Resale Value – The investment in a rooftop or balcony garden adds to overall appear of your home, which can drive up its resale value.
  • Supports Bio-diversity – The habitat created by a rooftop or balcony garden increases bio-diversity and attracts bees, butterflies and birds.
  • Improves Water Management – Creating a stormwater catchment helps to support the rooftop or balcony garden and reduces reliance on the public water system.

Gardenia Landscaping can provide you with complete design-only or design/build services for your rooftop or balcony garden project. Master designer Mehran Shifteh offers:

  • Design Consultation – The consultation process includes discussion of your desired uses for the space, your preferred design style for the garden, and the maintenance requirements.
  • Design Elements – A rooftop or balcony garden is unique in the realm of landscaping, with important considerations that must be taken into account during the planning and development phases. Gardenia Landscaping oversees all aspects of this process to ensure the success and viability of the rooftop or balcony garden. Services and project considerations include:
    • A detailed structural evaluation to determine the load capacity of the structure
    • Development of detailed blueprints for every aspect of the build
    • Securing all necessary municipal development permits
    • Waterproofing and insulation
    • Stormwater catchment and drainage
    • Supplemental irrigation, if needed
    • Hardscaping – Retaining walls, paving stones, raised beds, planters and containers
    • Growing medium
    • The selection of the right trees, shrubs and groundcover for the garden
    • Garden lighting for aesthetics and safety
    • Comfort amenities such as shade structures or built-in seating

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Gardenia Landscaping can provide you with a comprehensive rooftop or balcony garden plan on a design-only or on a design/build basis. We also provide project management services for those clients who wish to hire outside contractors.

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