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Landscaping Maintenance

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“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.” Claude Monet

Your garden is a living extension of your home, and like your home, it requires regular maintenance and even occasional updating to retain and enhance its beauty over time. Quality garden maintenance ensures the ongoing health of your plants, trees and shrubs, helps keep growth under control, and serves to retain the long-term integrity of your original garden design. A well-designed garden is an important investment in your home; proper ongoing maintenance not only protects that investment, it ensures it retains its value.

Your Lawn & Garden Care Experts

Gardenia Landscaping is a full-service provider of a full range of maintenance services to care for every aspect of your garden. Our services include:

  • Lawn Care, including power raking, top dressing, over-seeding, fertilizer application, lawn remediation, irrigation system review, and ecologically friendly lawn and garden pest control.
  • Pruning. Many trees and shrubs require regular pruning at precisely the right time of year to help them keep their shape and support healthy new growth and flowering the following year. Our team is expert at pruning all species of trees, shrubs, topiary and hedges.
  • Weeding. Our team can help you keep your garden beds tidy and free of the weeds that would otherwise compete with your plants for nutrients.
  • Top Dressing. Over time, garden soil can compact, and vital nutrients can be leached away by rain. Top dressing with high-quality, humus-rich earth replenishes the depleted soil and restores nutrients.
  • Water Feature Servicing. Recirculating water features and ponds require periodic servicing to keep them free from debris and sediment, clean and free-flowing. This is generally done every two years.
  • Replacement Planting. Forces of nature (like a hard winter or a late cold snap) can seriously damage or even kill some plants. Our professionals can evaluate the loss and replant with either a different plant or a hardier variety to restore your garden.

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